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Top 5 Reasons to Hike This Winter

1.) The first one is obvious, well at least to my mindset. Hiking is therapeutic. Starring at a computer screen or smartphone indoors is not. The second you ground yourself to a snowy trail, all worries fade. Eyes are drawn to snow encased trees awaking our senses. Oxygen fills the brain providing a break from the pollution of our busy lives. Don’t forget to take a moment and be still. Absorb the nature around you to receive the silence and clarity that comes with it.

2.) Trails are less busy adding to surreal peace. In other seasons, fighting for a parking spot or a trail all to yourself is an art form. This art form normally requires waking up early, which for me is a deterrent. Spur of the moment day trips are more likely to be successful without the worry of driving to a destination and turning back around because the park is full.

3.) The word is a crazy place right now. Our freedoms seem to be slowly drifting away, at least for the time being. One freedom that will always be ours is the freedom of nature. It allows us to get outside, away from the inside of our minds and escape the prison walls of our home. Money is tight for many these days and nature is free. Being outside is free. Well, for the most part as some parks require a small parking fee in support of the operation of the park. In the wide-open air, social distancing is easy and allows us to interact with fellow humans we might not normally interact with. A more compassionate and united world.

4.) Exercise. It is a simple as that one word. Hike more, live longer. Stay healthy.

5.) Light. Snow covered landscapes reflect the sun or moon’s light allowing one to hike no matter the time. Flashlights are not needed at night and the open feeling of a forest lacking dense leaves allows a better view of the surroundings. A different vantage point of what one sees in the summer. This natural light also enhances photos taken as the natural light bounces of the snow creating clearer images and softer textures. Let’s not forgot snow is pretty, adding a different aspect to photos.


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